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Best TV for Gaming 2014-2015

Gaming is a serious sport at least to those that use gaming as a means of relaxation and recreation. Having the right gaming equipment makes a huge difference in your experience. Having the right game console and the wrong TV can blow the entire experience. 




The best TV for gaming in 2014-2015 is relative to what you can afford and the space that you have. Bigger is not always better! A lot of people mistakenly believe that they will have a better experience if they go super big. The reality is that you may wind up with a fuzzy foreground and a blurry back ground. 

The LCD/Plasma Debate 

There are certain qualities that you want a gaming TV to have. The back lit LCD screens are considered prime by gamers because of the contrast that it offers on screen. Plasma TV's have traditionally been avoided like the plague by gamers because of the screen burn issue. Screen burn use to typically occur with Plasma TV's. 

Screen burn or image retention would occur with Plasma models more frequently with high graphic games. The industry has seemed to work this out and if you are looking for a TV that is 42 inches or larger you may want to consider one of the plasma models. The largest chance of image retention is when a game is paused for long periods of time and the same image is on the screen. Samsung has a pretty high tech panel which makes it super difficult to burn the image on the screen. 

LCD with LED back lights typically offer sharper images when the image is still but loses some focus when the images are high speed (like during a game), the opposite is true of Plasma models. Plasma TV's offer a sharper image with less blur during the fast moving images, although the image is not quite as sharp when in still mode. 


Some Contenders for the Best Gaming TV 2014-2015

Plasma, LCD is a personal choice a give and take if you will. Here are a few models that represent the best of either world. 

For some 3D action the Sony Bravia KDL-40NX703 40 inch is a great model. 

The Phillips Cinema 58 inch Plasma is an excellent choice with it's big show off screen that keeps that colors true to form! 

Hands down the best LED screen bragging rights goes to Samsung UE55800 55 inch LED. This has to be by far the best LED screen on the market now! 


Do your research before you buy so you are not disappointed. The best TVs for gaming in 2013 come down to personal needs. Consider your budget and the space you will have your TV in. There are plenty of great models on the market some are even quite affordable!